2013 Posts

Dubai December 2013

Had the chance to take some photos of Dubai & Abu Dhabi recently, in spite of the amount of work I had there.

While at Chili’s

Here are some of the photos taken while at Chili’s. Again, my DSC-RX1 is my hero here. Click Read More for more photos


Riyadh after the Rain

Riyadh after the Rain

I took this photo after the raining storm settled down and things got back to normal. BTW, the streets were flooded and some people perished because of the torrential rain.


Hanan, A Voice Awesome!

Hanan is a Syrian / Lebanese singer who was born  JEANETTE HAYEK HAROUNI in 1929. She had a voice deep rooted and fully flavoured of the Levant culture. She didn’t sing many songs as she left to spend the rest of her life in the USA. This is one of her best songs written by Shafiq Al Maghrebi and composed by Rafiq Hubaiqa.



This made me want to buy a Volvo Truck

Celebrity Make Under

Celebrity Make Under

When I first read the phrase “make under” I had a hard time understanding it. You feel the same? Well, simply put, “make under” is the opposite of “make over”; and what’s a better tool than Adobe Photoshop to do some retouching and “make up” to the photo of celebrities to charm people while on TV, the internet or in magazines. Now touching has become a big business and more touching means more glamour and shine. Well, up to a point after which the people, celebrities in this case, look like they’re from another planet.

This is a real Product

Never thought humanity would come up with something like this!

Heart-beat Skipping Italy

Nothing can be said about this video; just enjoy!

What about Morocco?

Morocco is one of the countries I’m eager to visit. I’m going to one day for sure. There are a lot of reasons behind my loving it, and added to them is the video above. It shows the country in a way I have never seen before on tv, the internet or any other form of media. Enjoy!

An eye opening video about life with smartphones

Can you imagine your life without your smart phone? Well, if you try, you’ll suffer a lot; not because you abandon a device that connects you to the world in many different ways, but because you’ll see how much the folks around you rely on it in every single aspect of their lives. Would you like to see how the world is going with people and their smart phones? Just watch the video above and see.