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Drone Footage of Norway

This is a 4K drone footage of norway. Perfect for relaxation and meditation.

Calvin Harris is just Awesome!

Revisiting the Whirling Dervish

Street Musicians from Aleppo in Istanbul

Seeing the World Through a Cup of Tea

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

antique ferry with background_noise and some babbling dubai gold_souk uae


Creekside, Old Dubai

I am my own Grandpa

Many, many years ago
When I was twenty-three
I got married to a widow
Pretty as could be.

This widow had a grown-up daughter
With flowing hair of red.
My father fell in love with her,
And soon the two were wed.

The talking tree telling a story dubai uae

The Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Dervish Whilring Istanbul Sultanahmet Nargile Sufi Mevlana

Sultanahmet Meşale Nargile

#hot_air_balloon #capadokya #Cappadocia #turkey #amazing #ride #turkey

Man Stuck at Airport Films Video Clip

A wonderful use of one’s time when the flight is delayed. Using an iPhone and a trolley bag as a tripod, this genius has filmed All By Myself in a brand new fashion. Enjoy!



This made me want to buy a Volvo Truck

Heart-beat Skipping Italy

Nothing can be said about this video; just enjoy!

What about Morocco?

Morocco is one of the countries I’m eager to visit. I’m going to one day for sure. There are a lot of reasons behind my loving it, and added to them is the video above. It shows the country in a way I have never seen before on tv, the internet or any other form of media. Enjoy!

An eye opening video about life with smartphones

Can you imagine your life without your smart phone? Well, if you try, you’ll suffer a lot; not because you abandon a device that connects you to the world in many different ways, but because you’ll see how much the folks around you rely on it in every single aspect of their lives. Would you like to see how the world is going with people and their smart phones? Just watch the video above and see.