P.S. This is Ali's old wesbite, and it is no longer active. It is for viewing purposes only. Please go to www.alidar.net for the new site and blog

Welcome to my site!

Hullo Chaps!

First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ali Darweesh. You can call me Alidar. I've decided to build this website because I think I can have more friends online and provide more help for people who need it with the field I work in. This is a personal website that might grow into a community for lovers of the English language.

About me

Ali is mainly a teacher of English and a university lecturer on English literature. He teaches English as a foreign or second language EFL/ESL. He teaches Business English and trains students for English Language exams and certificates (TOEFL - TOEIC - IELTS - FCE - CAE - CPE and others.) At the same time he is a teacher trainer and an educational support agent for one of the ELT publishers in Syria.

Ali lectures English Literature and English Skills at University of Aleppo, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of English. The faculty he works at is located in Idleb and in Aleppo.

Ali does many other things - Jack of all trades, probably!!. He is a sworn translator; which is a kind of legitimate translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice in Syria. This kind of translation from English to Arabic and vice versa usually covers a variety of disciplines but business and law are the main ones.

As for the Internet , Ali is probably an Internet addict. He refers to the Internet every time he has a question in mind.

He has taught IT (Information Technology) and graphic design, multimedia authoring, basic programming and web design for a while. Now he is an ICDL tester.

If you want to take a closer look, you can go to biography and Curriculum Vitae pages.

Languages and Cultures

Ali has always been fascinated with languages, especially English. This made him decide to make it his hobby and career at the same time - teaching English.

He is in love with all the aspects of the English language; vocabulary, listening, speaking, grammar, pronunciation, accents, history, and many others.

In fact, this has opened the door to him to do more in teaching and become a teacher trainer. To be always in touch with the developments in this field such as methodology, dictionaries, training and teaching is what he thinks the only way to stay productive and in the front.

Arabic is Ali's native tongue. He's keen on the language that is one of the Semitic languages. Arabic also has a a religious status for Muslim people and it is the language of the Holy Quran.

Aleppo is Ali's city. He was born and still lives in it. Aleppo is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, if not the oldest. You can see in it a mixture of many civilisations, religions, cultures and activities that epitomise the Silk Road ones. More pictures will be published along with information and stories about the city soon in the My City section.