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Aleppo, Home Sweet Hope!

Aleppo, Home Sweet Hope!

I have always had that feeling of affinity with my home city; Aleppo. I started to realise how much history this city had when I read about it and went to visit the places I had read about. The layers of history Aleppo has makes it a mixture of present, past and past of the past. Things have changes recently because of the war and the destruction of a big part of the old city.

Petra trip (select photos)

I’ve always dreamt of visiting Petra. The photos I’d seen of in my history books, postcards and, at a later stage, online made me yearn to go there. However, it wasn’t as I’d expected it. The trip was exhausting and breathtaking, metaphorically and literally. Now, there will be a post about the trip in details, but for now here is a selection of them. BTW, my Sony RX1 was awesome there. I never regretted any of the $$$ I spent on it.  Love you, RX1.

A Miscellany of Photos of Aleppo

I’ve chosen some of my favourite photos of Aleppo that I took over my several holidays there. I’ve decided not to include date and place info as the purpose of this gallery is not to document but to publicise art and the beauty of an old city that has endured quite a lot recently.